Sauvelle Vodka


A craft French vodka for the well travelled, free-spirited, bon-vivant drinker.

Alcohol 42.6% vol.

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Launching in 2015, Sauvelle is an independent, small batch, 100% natural crafted vodka, made at a micro-distillery in the Charente region of Cognac. Over the course of several months, a full strength, soft wheat French spirit is brought down to 41% ABV. In the final weeks of this process, the liquid is gently filtered over three types of wood, including a charred oak, which gives Sauvelle its beautiful natural flavour and rounded creamy finish.

Appearance: Clear with a wooden tinge.
Nose: Notes of cherry blossom, citrus and vanilla.
Taste: Creamy, roasted nuts with a hint of lemon peel.
Finish: Smooth, creamy vanilla finish.
Overall: Flavourfully crafted vodka.


Sauvelle Vodka is ideal for those vodka drinkers that enjoy a bit of flavour. It makes a delicious Dry Martini as it brings plenty of its own character to the drink.

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Sauvelle uses French winter wheat as a base, which is renowned for its smooth creamy texture and slight citric accents. Coming off the column still at 96% ABV, it is then reduced down to 41%. The vodka is reduced using the celebrated clear spring waters of the Gensac in Cognac, whereby the alcohol content is reduced by 5% every week over a 3 month period, allowing the water and alcoholic molecules time to properly bond together, avoiding an exothermic reaction in the still and creating a smooth and easy finish. The vodka then goes through a non-chill filtration process which allows it to retain all those fatty acids and esters that are usually stripped out of vodka rendering it thin and flavourless. The non-chill filtration gives Sauvelle a beautiful natural flavour, viscosity and oiliness.

French Wheat.