Distil. No 9 Vodka


From the Staritsky & Levitsky Distillery, Distil. No 9 is Ukraine’s original premium craft vodka.

Alcohol 40.0% vol.

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Distil. No 9 is a modern interpretation of a traditional Ukrainian recipe. The result of the Master Distiller’s research into Ukraine’s distilling history and traditions; after a number of different batches, distillation number nine produced an exceptional result, hence the name Distil. No 9.

Appearance: Crystal clear.
Nose: Light floral notes with a hint of pine.
Taste: Light and crisp.
Finish: Clean with a smooth creamy finish.
Overall: Very clean vodka.


An exceptional vodka, Distil. No 9 makes for a unique gift option for any vodka enthusiast.

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Distil. No 9 is distilled 5 times in traditional copper pot stills, filtered four times, twice through charcoal and then twice through rhinestone. Staritsky & Levitsky believe this makes their vodka an excellent sipping spirit. The last bottle of every batch is kept to recreate its taste in the next batches, ensuring consistency.

Staritsky & Levitsky Distillery.

Staritsky & Levitsky was founded by a group of vodka enthusiasts, passionate about reviving the heritage and traditions of authentic, small batch vodka distillation in the historic birthplace of vodka production. They found the perfect place for their venture in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. Close to the Polish border and the protecting Carpathian Mountains with their crystal clear water wells, and access to Ukraine’s black soil, that produces unique grains for distillation.

Crafted from single grain Ukrainian wheat, which is distilled five times in traditional copper stills, before being filtered twice through charcoal and then twice through rhinestone.