Wingback X TT Liquor Reserved Range Collaboration - PAPPY VAN WINKLE 20YR


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be collaborating with the good people at independent design studio, Wingback, for a special May edition of our Reserved Range raffle.

Our Reserved Range has been designed to give people the opportunity to purchase an ever-changing selection of rare and discontinued bottles from around the world on a monthly basis.

One lucky winner will get first refusal on purchasing themselves a bottle of bourbon royalty, in the form of Pappy Van Winkle’s exquisitely rare 20yr expression. No other bourbon today can stand 20 years of ageing, but this one does so with style – fruity on the nose, silky on the tongue, and a lingering finish of peppery honeycomb. Heavenly.

Not only this, they’ll also bag themselves a free 100ml TT-engraved flask courtesy of Wingback, a complimentary Whisk(e)y tasting voucher courtesy of yours truly, and your choice of whisk(e)y to fill it up with at the session’s end.

Entrants who just miss out will also be catered for because this month we’ll also be offering up a second-placed prize for the first time. Our runner up will also get their hands on a free precision-crafted flask from Wingback, as well as a complimentary whisk(e)y tasting experience.

Read on for some more info on the flask, the guys at Wingback and their commendable ethos, our bespoke tasting experience, and – of course – the rare bottle in the spotlight this month.


The Flask

The flask itself is a thing to behold. With a seamless, cylindrical design, the Wingback hip flask is robust, resilient and adventure ready. At a 100ml capacity, it’s the ultimate travel companion, designed to serve you on any journey as well it does at home. Plus its durable aerospace-grade stainless steel makeup means it’ll probably last longer than you will.

At a capacity of 100ml and weighing in at 180g, the flask is large enough to share a sip between friends but small enough to carry with you for your whole journey. And, as a little bonus, the guys at Wingback added a lip detail on the base of the flask that serves as a handy bottle opener when you find yourself needing to crack open a cold one.

And, to top this all off, everything they produce is responsibly designed, sourced and manufactured in the UK to minimise their impact on the environment. 


Since Wingback’s independent design studio was set up back in 2014 by two friends Alasdair MacLaine and Sam Rider, they’ve set themselves up as an alternative to mass production and disposable culture. Everything they make is done so with care for their community and environment, and is designed to be handed down through the generations.

They’re also dab hands at crowd funding – with a series of highly successful Kickstarter campaigns getting them to where they are today. We’re proud to be aligning ourselves with similarly conscientious, community-minded independent companies, and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with the guys at Wingback to bring you good people this unique prize.

The Tasting

Our lucky winner (and runner-up) will also receive a free voucher for one of our acclaimed whisk(e)y tastings (and one for a drinking companion, too).

Taking place down in our atmospheric subterranean vaults, which are converted Victorian police jail cells, the sessions are structured in the style of ‘Whiskies of the World’.

Throughout, guests are taken on an educational journey around the world by their experienced host, sipping and nosing on everything from old-school Islay Scotches, through some iconic bourbons, all the way through to new-age Australian varieties.

Your tutor for the day will outline some of the distinctive qualities of each in terms of their tastes, processes, and histories, developing attendees’ appreciation for a proper good dram.

At the conclusion of your whisk(e)y soaked circumnavigation, our winner will be able to choose their favourite liquid from the session and christen their shiny new flask by filling it to the brim. Slainté.

The Bottle

The accompanying bottled prize is a fittingly sleek, durable and hard-to-find liquid.

Incredibly old for a bourbon, this bottling of Pappy Van Winkle’s famous Family Reserve range was aged for 20 years and retains a delightful sweetness.

No other bourbon today can stand 20 years of ageing, but this one does so with style. Boasting a nose of fruits, sweet spices, and walnut, it’s silky on the tongue and possesses a lingering finish of honeycomb, peppery spices, and prune.

This silky, mature mouthfeel, coupled with its fruity mustiness, means that comparisons have been drawn to a classic fine after-dinner cognac in the XO mould. Heaven.

All this sound right up your alley? Know someone who’d love everything about it? Sign up to the raffle via the link below.



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