Develop your appreciation for your chosen spirit without leaving the comfort of home with our range of 100% interactive virtual tasting experiences. You will be hosted by one of our resident connoisseurs who will guide you through the history of your chosen liquid while you get to indulge yourself in a carefully curated selection of samples.

  • 100% Interactive Virtual Tastings

  • Everything you need. Delivered.

  • Taste a range of premium spirits, handpicked by experts.

  • Any time you wish, 7 days a week.

Group Form

Contact us via form below for groups of more than six.


  • Booking Process:

    First off, decide whether you want to go for a private or public session. Our private sessions are a great option for groups of 6 or more, whilst groups of 5 or less are a great fit for our public sessions which run fortnightly.

  • Delivery:

    Once you've made your booking we'll get to work. Your box, containing everything each guest will need for the tasting, including the premium spirits, glassware and a stirrer to help chill down their welcome drink, will arrive in the days leading up to the session. The pack also includes an annotated tasting mat that outlines all the spirits you’ll be playing with, as well as guidance on how to set up and what to prepare in advance so that everyone has the same set up in front of them on the day.

  • For Starters:

    On the day of your tasting, you will receive a link via email from your chosen video conferencing software. Once everyone has logged in, enjoy a complimentary welcome cocktail whilst your class instructor outlines the structure of the class and tells you the basics. Simply pour over ice and stir down to your taste using the stirrer we provide in your pack.

  • Get a Taste:

    Your expert host will then guide through a range of spirits, carefully handpicked by our resident experts, and will teach you how to pick up and identify variations in their classic flavour profiles.

  • To Finish:

    We will always conceal a sixth ‘mystery’ spirit and, in order to ignite some healthy group discussion, we will ask guests to taste it and, based off its telltale characteristics, tell us what style the liquid represents and even what region they think it was produced in. This is a great way to bring everyone together at the end of the hour-and-a-half tasting, as well as to test and share people’s newfound knowledge. It’s also a good chance for us to throw out some cool prizes if your host is suitably impressed.



  • Welcome Cocktail

    Inside every box, we include a 120ml measure of a welcome cocktail, stirred over ice. That's enough for two servings so you can share with a lucky somebody at home.. or not, if the feeling takes you.

  • Selection of Premium Spirits

    Our resident experts have spent the past year painstakingly selecting the best expressions from a variety of spirit categories and styles. Inside each box, we include five 75ml measures of your chosen spirit, enough for two generous servings of each.

  • Mystery Spirit

    We also conceal an unmarked 75ml mystery bottle, which you’ll be invited to nose and taste to see if you can guess where you think it’s from and what style of whiskey it represents.

  • Tasting Glasses

    We include two high-quality tasting glasses as standard, so you and your plus one be able to nose, swill and taste like a pro.

  • Tasting Mats

    You’ll find two handily-marked tasting mats inside your box, specifically designed to help you follow and drink along at home with ease.

  • Drinks Stirrer

    The ideal tool to achieve the ideal level of dilution in every dram, we’ll include one professional-quality drinks stirrer as standard in every box.

  • Aromatics & Botanicals

    We’ll also include a range of aromatics & botanicals closely related to the production of the distinctive spirits you’ll be tasting on the day, helping us to create a truly interactive multisensory virtual experience.

  • Literature

    Last but not least, in your box you’ll also find all the guidance you’ll need to set yourselves up, including what you’ll need to prepare beforehand, as well as other bonus info.

  • Snacks (optional extra)

    What’s a round of drinks without nibbles? For an extra £10 per person, we’ll include some Serrano ham, Spanish olives, Cheese, and Rosemary Focaccia pairings.

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  • "Wonderful evening"

    "Wonderful evening learning about gin with Sacha, can't wait to get back in touch and try the whiskey!" - Samuel Watson.

  • "A fantastic couple of hours learning about my favourite tipple"

    "Enjoyed a great rum tasting session with TT Liquor and couldn't have hoped for more. A fantastic couple of hours learning about my favourite tipple, it's origins, varieties and flavours." - John Tebbutt.

  • "Amazing whisky tasting"

    "Amazing whisky tasting, even better host! Thanks for the fun facts... cheers 🍻" - Ross Pattinson

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Learn about the origins of the famous spirit and how it has spread across the globe – all without leaving your front door – on one of our interactive virtual whiskey tastings.




Join us on a virtual journey through the long and fascinating history of gin, from the original jenever through to contemporary ‘new-age’ brands, and discover gin’s often illicit – and sometimes medicinal – past.