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The Kitchen

Venue Hire Shoreditch

We also have a fully-equipped kitchen available to hire, which is located on the first floor of our multi-faceted venue in Shoreditch. It’s suitable for a wide variety of purposes, from small-scale food production to full-blown supper clubs and restaurant service.

Featuring (think we should list some of the equipment and specs), this well-furnished (xxxxx)SQM space has been used successfully by a plethora of clients, such as Philip Juma of Juma’s Kitchen, Andi Oliver, the Island Social Club, Anthony Cumberbatch, and Dinnertime Story’s Le Petit Chef, to deliver high-quality culinary events.

It has a proven track record and has bought food to the plates of upwards of 50 people at a time. The Kitchen’s location directly next to our spacious West Wing means that it is the ideal venue for set menus, residencies, pop-ups, or perhaps a supper club you had in mind – or even as the catering HQ for a building-wide event.

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Call 02031 313 490 or contact form

Call 02031 313 490 or contact form


The Kitchen Details

  • – Multi-funcional kitchen with core range of equipment, close relationship with hire companies so we can customise/add on etc…

  • Some specs of the equipment (how many covers/plates it can cover)

  • Oven spec

  • Microwave

  • Kettle

  • XSQM of counter top space

  • Wifi


Call 02031 313 490 or contact form

Building Overview

TT Liquor is a multi-faceted establishment dedicated to all things related to high-quality alcoholic beverages. Tucked away behind our liquor store on Kingsland road, the venue sprawls backwards over four distinct floors connected via a labyrinthine network of corridors.

Through the swinging saloon doors of the liquor store, and up our first flight of steps you’ll find a number of airy studios of varying sizes, which are used most often as classrooms for our cocktail making workshops, although these spaces are noted for their versatility and can be deployed for a wide range of purposes and a variety of events. They share the floor with our well-equipped kitchen, making them perfect for bespoke events, supper clubs, and set menu dining.

The space itself is fitted out with modern appliances and professional-standard equipment. There is an industrial-sized stove and oven, microwave, kettle, abundant pots and pans, knives, and most other equipment you’ll need – although clients may bring their own if they so choose. The kitchen also boasts a large amount of stainless-steel-topped counters, making large-scale food preparation as hassle-free as possible.

We often recommend that our clients hire out our Kitchen alongside another studio to act as the dining room. Our spacious West Wing is probably the most popular in this regard, given it’s near proximity to the kitchen, it’s abundance of natural light, neutral decor, and generous proportions. The space also benefits from being just one flight away from our permanent office, where you’ll find our dedicated team of event organisers, who can talk you through any aspect of your event – on the day or otherwise.

We Say..

“The Kitchen’s great for things like supper-clubs and food for wider events, like masterclasses and branded takeovers. It’s kitted out with plates, cutlery, plenty of counter space, as well as 6 hobs!” – Lucy, Event Organiser.


Past Uses:

Our kitchen has been the culinary hub for a wide variety of events, for groups as large as 150 and as small as 15. Over the past year alone, we’ve successfully hosted up-and-comers as well as more established chefs such as Phil Juma, Andi Oliver, and Le Petit Chef – who have taken up residency for the past few months to great effect. It’s also been used as part of film-and-supper club evenings, building-wide branded events, and intimate private dining experiences. It’s size makes it perfectly suited for set-menu dining, and any pop-up concept you may have had in mind.