Ghostbusters Halloween Screening

31st October

Join us at TT Cinema this Hallow’s Eve as we team up with Crystal Head Vodka to transport guests to the spooky streets of 1980s New York with a special screening of Ivan Reitman’s sci-fi classic, Ghostbusters.

Starring Bill Murray in his pomp, Dan Aykroyd (who funnily enough later founded Crystal Head Vodka along with an artist friend of his), Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis, the film follows four hapless university scientists who, upon losing their cushy jobs, decide to become “ghostbusters” and wage high-tech battle with the supernatural for money.

Countless capers ensue, as they battle ghouls, supernatural hellhounds, and a giant corporate mascot made out of marshmallow, after inadvertently stumbling upon a gateway to another dimension, a doorway that will release evil upon the city. The task then falls to them to save New York from utter destruction.

Upon its release in June 1984, Ghostbusters received rave reviews and immediately attracted a loyal cult following. It’s cutting-edge (for the time, bear in mind) visual effects and iconic theme tune earned it two Oscar nominations. Indeed, such was the film’s impact that in 2015, the United States Library of Congress selected the film for preservation in the National Film Registry, finding it “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

It launched a media franchise which endures to this day, including a 1989 sequel Ghostbusters II, two animated television series, The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters, several video games, and a 2016 reboot film.

Spooky themes continue right on to the liquid refreshments for the evening, as all of our Cellar Bar serves available on the night will be made using Aykroyd’s skull-shaped, quadruple-distilled, extra-pure spirit (pardon the.. ahem.. pun?).

Tickets are £15 for the one, £20 for a pair using the code ‘slimer’ at checkout, and are available below. Complimentary Crystal Head cocktail included.


Arrival – Attendees will arrive through the doors of our liquor store at 7pm and purchase any beer, wine, or other refreshments they like. Afterwards, guest can make their way down into our Cellar Bar to receive their complimentary cocktail for the night.

Screening – Then, guests will be invited upstairs to our new 52-seater cinema room, where there’ll be a screening of a cult classic after a small period allotted for short trailers.

Afters – After the show, attendees will be invited back down to the Cellar Bar, where you can drink, discuss, and continue your evening. Reservations may be required.

Call 02031 313 490 or contact form

"I ain't afraid of no ghost!"