Genius Month: Frida Screening

January 20th

We continue with our month of the genius, with a screening of director Julie Taymor’s passionate, visually striking biopic about one of Mexico’s most prominent, iconoclastic painters and visionaries, Frida Kahlo. 

Starring Salma Hayek in her Academy Award–nominated portrayal as Kahlo, and a star-studded supporting cast including Antonio Banderas and Alfred Molina, the film follows Hayek as she ages some 30 years onscreen, charting Frida Kahlo’s life from feisty schoolgirl to Diego Rivera protégée, to world-renowned artist in her own right.

This heartfelt biopic details Kahlo’s affluent upbringing in Mexico City, and her nurturing relationship with her traditional mother (Patricia Reyes Spindola) and philosophical father (Roger Rees). Having already suffered the crippling effects of polio, Kahlo sustains further injuries when a city bus accident nearly ends her life.

However, in her bed-ridden state, the young artist produces dozens upon dozens of pieces; when she recovers, she presents them to the legendary — and legendarily temperamental — Rivera (Alfred Molina), who takes her under his wing as an artist, a political revolutionary, and, inevitably, a lover. But their relationship is fraught with trouble, as the philandering Rivera traverses the globe painting murals, and Kahlo languishes in obscurity, longing to make her mark on her own.

Upon its release back in 2002, Frida was a critical and commercial success, scooping up six Academy Award nominations and winning the Oscar for Best Makeup and Best Original Score.

Lauded for its dazzling lead performances, fittingly beautiful art direction, and faithfulness to its enthralling source material, Frida sits pretty near the very top of the pantheon of biopics.

Tickets are £15 for one, or £20 a pair when you use the code ‘kahlo’ at checkout. Complimentary cocktails and free snacks throughout included as standard.


Arrival – Attendees will arrive through the doors of our liquor store at 6:30pm to allow time for them to settle in and purchase any beer, wine, or other refreshments they like. Alternatively, guests can make their way down into our Cellar Bar to select their complimentary cocktail for the night.

Screening – Then, guests will be invited upstairs to our new 52-seater cinema room, where at 7pm sharp the film will begin.

Afters – After the show, attendees will be invited back down to the Cellar Bar, where you can drink, discuss, and continue your evening. Reservations recommended, although not mandatory.

Call 02031 313 490 or contact form

“I had two big accidents in my life Diego, the trolley and you... You are by far the worse.”