Gangs of New York Screening

27th November

The end of November sees us team up with the guys at Redbreast Whiskey to put on a screening of Gangs of New York, Scorsese’s epic 2002 period drama. 

Starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Cameron Diaz, the film follows the journey of Amsterdam Vallon – a young Irish immigrant recently released from prison – as he navigates the cutthroat underbelly of organised crime in early 19th century New York seeking to take revenge on a gang boss known as Bill the Butcher, who killed his father when he was just a child.

He know that revenge can only be attained by infiltrating Cutting’s inner circle. Amsterdam’s journey becomes a fight for personal survival and to find a place for the Irish in 1860s New York.

The film is striking in countless ways, and features glittering performances from it’s stellar cast as it deals with serious socio-cultural themes such as immigration, law and order, and religious faith, whilst entertaining from the first minute right to the last.

It was nominated for 10 Academy Awards upon it’s release, and it has since been praised as a masterpiece of American cinema which takes an unflinching look at some of the lesser-taught aspects of US history.

Continuing the Irish themes, liquid refreshments for the evening will be in the purview of Redbreast, and their 12-year old will be available in all of our Cellar Bar serves on the night.

Tickets are £15 for the one, £20 for a pair using the code ‘butcher’ at checkout, and are available below. Complimentary Redbreast 12 cocktail included.


Arrival – Attendees will arrive through the doors of our liquor store at 7pm and purchase any beer, wine, or other refreshments they like. Afterwards, guest can make their way down into our Cellar Bar to receive their complimentary cocktail for the night.

Screening – Then, guests will be invited upstairs to our new 52-seater cinema room, where there’ll be a screening of a cult classic after a small period allotted for short trailers.

Afters – After the show, attendees will be invited back down to the Cellar Bar, where you can drink, discuss, and continue your evening. Reservations may be required.

Call 02031 313 490 or contact form

"You know how I stayed alive this long? Fear. Fearsome acts. A man steals from me, I cut off his hand. If he lies to me, I cut out his tongue. If he stands up against me, I cut off his head, stick it on a pike and lift it up for all to see. A spectacle of fearsome acts. That's what maintains the order of things. Fear."

Standard Ticket

£15.00 (inc VAT)

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