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TT Cinema: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Screening

February 25th

We cap off February’s lovesick screening line-up with Michael Gondry and Charlie Kaufman’s critically-acclaimed dystopian romantic drama, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Jim Carrey stars as Joel Barish, a man who is informed that his ex-girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) has had her memories of their relationship erased from her brain via an experimental procedure performed by Dr. Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson).

Not to be outdone, Joel decides to have the same procedure done to himself. As Mierzwiak’s bumbling underlings Stan (Mark Ruffalo) and Patrick (Elijah Wood) perform the operation on Joel – over the course of an evening, in his apartment – Joel struggles in his own mind to save the memories of Clementine from being deleted.

The film stylishly uses elements of the psychological thriller and a nonlinear narrative to explore the nature of memory and romantic love. It was released in March 2004 to wide critical acclaim, and grossed over $70 million worldwide. It won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and Winslet received a nomination for Academy Award for Best Actress.

Since its release, it has developed a cult following – thanks in no small part to its smart, imaginative script and Michel Gondry’s equally daring directorial touch – and has come to be regarded by many as one of the best films of the 21st century.

Tickets are available at £15 a head, or £20 for a pair when you use the code ‘spotless’ at checkout. Complimentary cocktail included as standard.


Arrival – Attendees will arrive through the doors of our liquor store at 6:30pm to allow time for them to settle in and purchase any beer, wine, or other refreshments they like. Alternatively, guests can make their way down into our Cellar Bar to select their complimentary cocktail for the night.

Screening – Then, guests will be invited upstairs to our new 52-seater cinema room, where at 7pm sharp the film will begin.

Afters – After the show, attendees will be invited back down to the Cellar Bar, where you can drink, discuss, and continue your evening. Reservations recommended, although not mandatory.

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"How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd."