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TT Cinema: Cactus Flower Screening

February 11th

Our screening schedule frolics on into February with a screening of one of the all-time classic romantic comedies – Gene Saks’ 1969 hit, Cactus Flower.

Adapted from the much-celebrated broadway show of the same name, and featuring a star-studded cast including Ingrid Bergman, Walter Matthau, and Goldie Hawn, the film follows the escapades of dentist, Dr Julian Winston (Matthau) as he attempt to woo the young and beautiful Toni Simmons (Hawn).

After being stood up by Dr Winston,  Simmons attempts to commit suicide by inhaling gas from a second-hand stove. Her neighbour, Igor Sullivan, smells the gas and rescues her by using mouth to mouth resuscitation, which evolves into a kiss after Toni regains consciousness.

Upon learning of Toni’s suicide attempt, Julian decides to marry Toni, but he needs a wife to divorce in order to sustain his earlier lie that he was a married man. Julian asks Stephanie Dickinson (Bergman), his longtime nurse, to pose as his wife. At first unwilling, she ultimately relents, since she has long had a crush on her employer. The prickly cactus Miss Dickinson keeps on her desk in the office gives the film its name. Ultimately, both the cactus and Miss Dickinson “bloom”.

The film was a critical and box office hit upon its release, with the breakout performance of Goldie Hawn in particular singled out for her commitment to the role and the subtle humour she brings throughout. Her performance in Cactus Flower eventually won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Come join us for the ride. Tickets are available at £15 a head, or you can couple up and bag yourselves two for £20 when using the code ‘cactus’ at checkout. Complimentary cocktail included as standard.


Arrival – Attendees will arrive through the doors of our liquor store at 6:30pm to allow time for them to settle in and purchase any beer, wine, or other refreshments they like. Alternatively, guests can make their way down into our Cellar Bar to select their complimentary cocktail for the night.

Screening – Then, guests will be invited upstairs to our new 52-seater cinema room, where at 7pm sharp the film will begin.

Afters – After the show, attendees will be invited back down to the Cellar Bar, where you can drink, discuss, and continue your evening. Reservations recommended, although not mandatory.

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