TT Liquor hosted a day of whiskey tastings, talks and tutelage as we welcomed independent Irish whiskey company Teeling to their home away from home at our Shoreditch establishment.

We’re lucky to have welcomed some amazing people through our doors, and master distiller Alex Chasko is certainly one of them.

An insatiably innovative person in the industry, Chasko has released a wide range of award winning whiskeys under the Teeling brand, and the 30 attendee barmen and women were guided through the day in safe hands.

Thanks in no small part to innovators like Alex, Teeling are certainly a company to look out for. Our discerning mixologists can’t get enough of their whiskey so we make sure our store is fully stocked with Teeling at all times.


After a welcome cocktail which showcased Teeling as well as Umbrella alcoholic ginger beer, guests were treated to a series of illuminating talks by Alex, who went through the finer points of proper Irish whiskey distillation.

They were the invited to taste a range of Teeling whiskies, including their small batch, single malt and single grain varieties, as well as their very own Poítin – a homage to the rebellious spirit underpinning Irish whiskey distillation.


To conclude the Teeling-themed day, attendees were invited down into our intimate cellar bar for yet another Teeling-inspired cocktail created by our knowledgable bartenders.

Interested in booking your own private whiskey tasting session in one of our subterranean tasting vaults? Click on the link below, or alternatively contact one of our event organisers today on 02031 312 706 and we’ll run you through what we can offer.



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