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Beer Tasting

Explore the world of beer on one of TT Liquor’s beer tastings. Every guest samples a handpicked selection of twelve different beers from around the globe – from German hefeweizen and Belgian Trappist beer to an Alaskan smoked porter. Each beer tasting lasts 1½ to 2 hours depending on group size.

Beer has played an important role in the development of human society – in fact, without it modern civilisation may not even exist. Your host will guide you through the long and rich history of beer whilst explaining the brewing process and how techniques have been refined and base ingredients tweaked to manipulate the flavours of the final beverages – the slightest change can have a profound effect.

The beers will be served with a cheese pairing. Finish by choosing your favourite beer from the class and taking a bottle home with you.

If you’re interested in taking on one of our beer tastings for an upcoming occasion, don’t hesitate to give one of our event organisers a call on the number below.

contact us or call on 02031 313 490

Call 02031 313 490 or contact form



Any of TT Liquor’s tasting experiences can be hosted in one of our ‘tasting vaults’ in the cellar bar. We’ve converted historic jail cells (remnants from the building’s use as a police station in the 19th Century) into atmospheric alcoves available for private hire.

We also have a variety of lounges capable of accommodating larger groups – call 02031 313 497 to talk to one of our events organisers who can run you through every aspect of your event.


We’ve hosted our tastings and classes in a wide range of locations – from The Shard to a Scottish Manor – and are fully equipped to take our experiences to almost any venue in London or throughout the U.K. Got somewhere in mind? – get in touch.

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We’ve developed long-standing relationships with a number of partnership venues across London and can arrange to host your beer tasting at one of them, should it suit you better. We have a lot of experience organising events at these venues, meaning planning and communication will be hassle free.

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Reception Drink – Beer is hugely versatile has been used in mixed drinks since the very birth of cocktails – before your class enjoy a complimentary beer-based cocktail.

Introduction to beer – Your class instructor will outline how beer has been a constant companion to human kind through the good times and the bad and outline some of the techniques used to make it.

Tasting – Each class is designed to take you on a trip of as many different types of beer possible. Over the course of the class you’ll get to try 12 very different beers whilst your host guides you through each category.

Take home – After drinking your way through the class you’ll have the opportunity to choose your favourite beer and take a bottle home with you from the liquor store.

Call 02031 313 490 or contact form