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Tasting Sessions - El Rayo Tequila

June 6th

Tom & Jack join us for a tequila tasting to introduce their new premium tequila brand, El Rayo on 6th June.

From sipping their first Añejo in Peckham to the agave fields of Jalisco and back again, the pair will discuss their journey in setting up the brand and their vision to add something new to the tequila category that celebrates contemporary Mexico.

They will go through what makes their tequila different and will be introducing their perfect El Rayo serve – the tequila and tonic or T&T. Having only launched the product in May, this will be a unique opportunity to taste one of the first bottles of El Rayo in the UK.

Their tequila is unique in that it uses a combination of highland and lowland agave, which brings out the best from both growing regions. Predominantly highland agaves are used in production which harnesses floral and citrus flavours. This is then anchored by the more peppery and vegetal tones that come through with subtlety from the lowland agaves.

Expect delicate flavours on the nose, a buttery and viscous mouth feel that ends with a gentle yet empowering finish packed full of agave flavour. Join us for a taste of modern Mexico!


Arrival – Guests will arrive through the doors of our specialist liquor store on Kingsland Road at around 6:20pm, where they will be greeted by one of our team.

Welcome Drink – You will then be led down the stairs and into our Cellar Bar, where our discerning mixologists will hand you your complimentary El Rayo serve.

Guided Tasting – Once you’ve sipped your way through your complimentary cocktail, your guide for the evening will lead you on a comprehensive tasting of El Rayo’s nascent range down in our vaults, explaining their unique ethos and the painstaking processes that go into every bottle.

Afters – All attendees are welcome to remain in the Cellar Bar at the conclusion of your session. Prior reservation is recommended but not mandatory.

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