Vestal Pomorze 2014 Vodka


Single vintage Ludmilla potato vodka that has a sweeter, slightly smoky character.

Alcohol 40.0% vol.

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Crafted from early picked Ludmilla potatoes grown near the Baltic coast, the 2014 vintage is unfiltered potato vodka that shows not all vodka is created equally. A lively fermentation and single distillation have given this vodka lovely natural aromas. With a character likened to mezcal by some of the world’s best bartenders, this has a smooth velvety mouthfeel and smoky finish that makes it perfect for sipping and savouring.

Appearance: Clear.
Nose: Notes of blueberry and liquorice.
Taste: Creamy, buttery smooth.
Finish: Hints of smoke with plenty of tropical fruit.
Overall: Truly unique vodka.


Vestal’s single varietal vintage vodka provides a narrow window into which the influence of terroir can be observed. Packed full of personality, these bottlings are held in high regard amongst spirit aficionados.

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The word vodka is derived from Slavic and translates as “little water”. The world’s first written mention of the drink and of the word “vodka” was in 1405 from Akta Grodzkie recorder of deeds, in the court documents from the Palatinate of Sandomierz in Poland. The spirit is thought to be considerably older than that having been a part of Slavic culture as far back as the 8th century and as with many other spirits was created originally for medicinal purposes.

Based in northern Poland Vestal is one of the last independently produced vodkas.

The potatoes used to create Vestal Vodka are picked from a family-estate in northern Poland. The different varieties of potatoes are picked early when they are small and full of flavour. Fussy about which variety of potato to plant, and exactly when and where to plant them. Vestal are aware that what a French winemaker would call terroir is equally important in the flavour and character of their vodka. Therefore, they distil just once to capture and retain all the exotic aromas and tastes that give each of their small batches the character of both time and place.

Early picked red-skinned Asterix potatoes.