Vestal Crafted Potato Vodka


Down-to-earth vodka made from three different varieties of potato.

Alcohol 40.0% vol.

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Vestal is a potato based vodka made in Poland. Each bottle of vodka produced by Vestal is dated and released as a vintage, this is because the character, or terroir, of the potatoes is always changing and this is reflected in the vodka itself.

Appearance: Clear.
Nose: Clean with hints of vanilla and cucumber.
Taste: Creamy, buttery smooth.
Finish: Warming and pleasant.
Overall: Unique, characterful vodka.


Served at 35 of the Top 50 WorldŐs Best Bars, Vestal is a must for anyone who is a fan of the Vodka martini.

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Made from Innovator, Asterix and Russet Burbank varieties of potato, Vestal Crafted Potato Vodka is well-balanced vodka that has been filtered once and is made specifically as a base for cocktails and other mixed drinks. The strong belief behind Vestal is that terroir can be felt in vodka, and that vodka doesn’t have to be flavourless. This is showcased in the vintages and fields named on the bottle.

Based in northern Poland, Vestal is one of the last independently-produced vodkas.

The potatoes used to create Vestal Vodka are picked from a family-estate in northern Poland. The different varieties of potatoes are picked early when they are small and full of flavour. Fussy about which variety of potato to plant, and exactly when and where to plant them, Vestal are aware that what a French winemaker would call terroir is equally important in the flavour and character of their Vodka. Therefore, they distil just once to capture and retain all the exotic aromas and tastes that give each of their small batches the character of both time and place.