Reyka Vodka


Icelandic vodka powered by volcanoes, filtered through lava rock using crisp glacial water.

Alcohol 40.0% vol.

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Reyka vodka is made to be an expression of Iceland itself, their distillery is powered completely by clean geothermal energy. Made from a base of wheat and barley, Reyka is distilled in a Carter-head still traditionally used for the production of gin.

Appearance: Clear.
Nose: Aniseed and creamy vanilla with an underlying savoury grain note.
Taste: A soft, delicate texture that becomes fuller-bodied and creamy.
Finish: Fresh, lingering vegetal notes with a luscious spice.
Overall: Bold and robust vodka, with a pleasant aniseed & vanilla finish.


If you’re looking for good quality vodka at a fair price, look no further. Reyka works very well mixed in any of your favourite cocktails and is exceptionally smooth stirred down in a martini. It doesn’t have that unpleasant ‘vodka taste’ that many cheaper brands carry either.

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Reyka’s production began in 2005 but in 2002 They sent a water sample from the Grabrok spring to an analytical plant. The scientists there had to calibrate their instruments twice due to the disbelief at how pure the water source came in and as thus they never had to build a de-mineralisation plant and can use this water straight from the source, due to filtration from lava rocks. In 2004 their Carter-head still was forged in Scotland and delivered to Iceland in 2005. On June 5th, 2005 the first spirit ran from Iceland’s first distillery. Reyka has filled the baskets of their Carterhead still, which would usually be packed with botanicals, with 4000-year-old basalt lava rocks. This adds an additional level of filtration to the production of their vodka. Coming off the still at 92.6% abv, Reyka vodka is then cut with water from the local Grabrok spring to its bottling proof of 40% abv.

Reyka distillery.

The Reyka distillery was the first of its kind in Iceland. Situated in a small fishing village, an hours drive north of Reykjavik with a population of only 2000. Bogarnes is also said to be home to a large amount of the ‘Hidden Folk’ (elves to you and me).

Wheat, Barley, Glacial Water.