Hospitality Gin Virtual Cocktail Class


We’ve collaborated with the fantastic Hospitality Gin for a limited time only to put together a 100% virtual – yet interactive – gin masterclass.

The box – which includes a 70cl bottle of Hospitality Gin, professional equipment, and enough ingredients for four classic gin-based cocktails – aims to add a whole new virtual dimension to your homemaking cocktail skills. You’ll be taken through making (and drinking) four classic gin-based cocktails by our Bar Manager, Saša Ruvidic, via an exclusive YouTube video that you’ll be able to re-access at any time you like! The Hospitality Gin box has been developed as the perfect gift, or ‘make your own party at home’ kit. So why not shake up your lockdown plans with us?

Delivery Information

We aim to dispatch all orders made before 17:00 via next day delivery, please be advised that some items may take up to 4 working days.
If you would like confirmation of your delivery date, please feel free to ring the shop and we can confirm for you. Call us on 020 7788 8259

What Do I Get?

  • One 700 ml bottle of Hospitality Gin
  • 4 cocktails and 1 Hospitality Gin and Tonic per person (enough in total for four people to take part).
  • 1 Virtual Masterclass, exclusively accessible via Youtube
  • 1 Spotify playlist
  • Class instructed by our very own Bar Manager, Saša Ruvidic.
  • Other pieces of useful guidance.

What Drinks do we Make?

Drinks expected to be in the class are a classic Gin & Tonic to start, followed by a ‘TT Negroni’ using Hospitality London Dry Gin, an iconic Breakfast Martini, rounded off by a fragrant Apple & Elderflower Julep.

How Does It Work?

Once you make your purchase, we’ll get to work on your box. Once dispatched, you’ll receive an email which contains bits and pieces of information and guidance, as well as that all-important YouTube link.

Once you receive your box, the next stage is up to you. The YouTube video has been specially pre-recorded and is therefore available at any time that suits you. Simply get your equipment laid out (guidance included for this), find the video, and start mixing!

We include enough ingredients, premium spirits, and mixers for four guests to make four cocktails each. Happy Days.

About Hospitality Gin

Having started their journey in early 2020, just as lockdown was beginning to start. Hospitality Gin is a champion for the whole UK hospitality industry with 100% of profits going towards ‘Charity Dry’, a charity supporting the hospitality industry patriots experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the government’s limits set in place. Before the pandemic, hospitality was Britain’s third-biggest industry but unfortunately now many veterans are experiencing serious financial difficulties as a result of not being able to work or earn a living. Government support can only do so much, but with just one purchase of a Hospitality Gin bottle, you will be contributing to the benefit of the industry and its workers. Drink Gin. Make a difference.