Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Kentucky straight bourbon, full of character and simply done right.

Alcohol 43.0% vol.

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Named after Evan Williams, who opened Kentucky’s first distillery along the banks of the Ohio River back in 1783. Still made using the same time-honoured methods, Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon is aged far longer than is required by law and is bottled at 43% to making it a rich, full flavoured bourbon full of character like the man himself.

Appearance: Deep amber.
Nose: Light and sweet with deep vanilla and a touch of mint.
Taste: Notes of oak, brown sugar and Caramel.
Finish: Medium to long with rye spice and sweet vanilla.
Overall: Sophisticated and elegant bourbon deserving of its namesake.


Evan Williams Bourbon is an excellent choice for those looking for a quintessential bourbon but in an unfamilliar package. Not costing an arm and a leg, don’t feel guilty mixing Evan Williams into your favourite bourbon-based cocktails.

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Kentucky’s first commercial distillery was established in 1783, the name of the man behind it; Evan Williams. Many years and barrels later, their master distillers are still producing Bourbon the right way, using his same time-honoured methods. The result is a Bourbon thatŐs smooth, rich, and easy to enjoy. Evan Williams Extra Aged is aged for a full 5 years and served at 43% – it has been longer in the barrel and goes stronger into the bottle giving a true and historic taste of Kentucky straight bourbon.

Heaven Hill Distilleries, INC.

Sophisticated and elegant bourbon deserving of its namesake.