Broker’s Gin


Quadruple-distilled pure grain gin made from English wheat, the finest herbs, spices and fruit.

Alcohol 40.0% vol.

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Quadruple-distilled pure grain gin made in a 200-year-old distillery in the heart of England using a traditional copper pot-still. The Broker’s recipe is also as old as the distillery, flavoured with 10 natural botanicals from around the world.

Appearance: Clear.
Nose: Clean fragrant citrus with a hint of spice.
Taste: Fresh juniper with plenty of orange and lemon notes.
Finish: Very dry with lingering cracked black pepper notes.
Overall: Quintessentially English dry gin.


Broker’s Gin is an excellent choice for any classic London Dry Gin lover that is looking for something that absolutely nails the category. Broker’s works perfectly in any classic gin cocktail or just a simple Gin and Tonic.

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Alcoholic spirits originally found their place as a “cure all’ in medieval Europe. Gin was the next step, incorporating the medical benefits held in plants. Various botanical elements were thought to have different health giving properties most notably in the case of gin, juniper. When mixed with spiritus alcohol a rudimentary medicine was formed and became popular all over the continent.

Langley Distillery.

Langley distillery uses only traditional pot stills for the production of Brokers Gin. This is because pot stills are better for extracting maximum flavour from the botanicals in a traditional hand-crafted fashion. The distillery has a mini-still, which is used for making small batches of gin from different recipes. The recipe for Broker’s Gin is 200 years old and was chosen after taste-testing against several newer recipes.

Launched in 1998, Broker’s was created by brothers Martin and Andy Dawson, made in a 200-year-old distillery in the heart of England using a traditional copper pot-still. The two charismatic founders are true believers in the personality of Broker’s Gin. A key icon for the brand is the bowler hat, a distinguishable characteristic of an English gentleman, and one sits atop every bottle of Broker’s Gin.