Bán Poitín


A heady mix of potato, malted barley and beet molasses, Bán is a full flavoured statement of history and origin.

Alcohol 48.0% vol.

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Since 2012 Bán has been leading the revival in Irish Poitín in some of the world’s best bars. A full flavoured white Irish spirit bottled at a punchy 48%, Bán is made using homegrown and locally sourced potato, malted barley and molasses. Dedicated to producing the best white spirit Ireland has to offer, Bán has scooped gold medals in the Irish whiskey Awards every year since launch, solidifying themselves as Ireland’s #1 Poitín brand.

Appearance: Clear.
Nose: Sweet bread, black pepper and fresh tennis balls.
Taste: Chocolate malt, aloe vera with clove and mace.
Finish: Creamy lemon curd and malted biscuits.
Overall: A unique taste of Ireland’s traditional spirit culture.


Bán is more reminiscent of a tequila or mezcal than its Irish whiskey cousin, most appreciated by those with a more adventurous palate. Designed for mixing, it can replace tequila, rum or vodka in some of your favourite cocktails, or alternatively, try the ritual ‘Bán & Black’, a glass of Bán followed by a pint of stout.

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Poitín (pot-cheen) is the original Irish spirit. Many towns and villages would have had a poitín distiller distilling whatever they had to hand. Made illegal from 1661 and kept that way for nearly 300 years, there are now a number of poitíns on the market. Known for its high strength, poitín’s illicit reputation has been cleaned up of late.

Echlinville Distillery.

Echlinville is located on the Ards Peninsula. Having bought the rights to the Dunville’s brand, Echlinville have got themselves on the Irish whiskey map after picking up a string of awards. The only Farm Distillery in Northern Ireland, they grow and floor malt their own barley themselves.

A heady mix of potato, malted barley and beet molasses, Bán is a full flavoured statement of history and origin.

Malted Barley, Potato, Beet Molasses.