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TT Cinema Roundup: Rock Rubber 45s Premiere & The Love Story Film Festival


Interest in hiring out our independent cinema in Shoreditch has never been higher, as has been demonstrated by the wide variety of events we’ve held over the past couple of months alone.

We’ve had everything, from documentary premieres to film festivals, exploring themes from love and the mysteries of human attraction, to the early days of skateboarding, basketball and hip-hop culture on the streets of New York City.

It’s been enlightening and humbling in equal measure to welcome so many faces through our doors, and we hope to continue on the same track!

Read on for some write-ups from our standout events.


‘Rock Rubber 45s London Premiere’:

We kicked things off in style on 18th November by welcoming an icon of the New York street scene, Bobbito Garcia, for the London premiere of his brand-new documentary flick, Rock Rubber 45s.

The film is a cinematic odyssey which explores the connectivity of global basketball, trainer/sneaker(?) culture, and music through the first-hand lens of Bobbito, the cultural orchestrator, himself.

It charts his journey, from a youth dealing with mistreatment, educational issues, identity, and loss, and his ascension to self-determination and influence.

Bobbito was joined on the decks by a very special guest.

Rock Rubber went down a treat with our assembled guests, and the man himself was on hand at its conclusion to hold an intimate Q&A session in which he answered some of the more burning questions at hand.

All Qs roundly A-d, attendees were then invited downstairs into our Cellar Bar for a post-screening after party and DJ set, during which Bobbito jumped up onto our decks with a very special guest – his long-time partner in crime, Stretch Armstrong.

As you can imagine, this went down a treat. So too did our specially-made bespoke serve on the night which we dubbed ‘Cucumber Slice’ – a nod to his moniker during his days as an underground radio host.

Cucumber Slice – one cool customer..

The serve took mocktail form, in light of the fact that as well as being one cool customer, Bobbito is absolutely alcohol-free. The refreshing libation contained a subtle mixture of cucumber, apple, ginger, mint, avocado syrup, lime juice, and maple syrup.

Although Cucumber Slice was big hit, that’s not to say that the rest of our bar menu didn’t get some love, too – every serve on our brand new Cellar Bar menu got some well-deserved attention.

All in all, it was one hell of a night and we were so hyped to have Bobbito, Stretch, and all of you who made it possible over to stay at ours.


Love Story Film Festival:

To coincide with Valentine’s season, we next welcomed the guys from the New Renaissance Film Festival and their latest brainchild, the Love Story Film Festival.

Running from 13th-14th February, and featuring a wide range of short films, documentaries, profiles, all the way up to feature length presentations, the festival sought to explore the mysteries of human interaction, and approached the subject in diverse ways.

The festival kicked off on 13th February with a series of short films and presentations, before the main event: a feature-length screening of critically-acclaimed romantic comedy, Love Possibly. The film follows the touching, endearing, and – above all – comical love-finding quest of its protagonist, Alex (Steve Hodgetts), which takes him all the way to Moldova and back again.

The following day saw a feature-length presentation with a very different atmosphere, as our screening room played host to a screening of Dutch romantic comedy-drama, Wonderlus. The story follows a wedding gone awry and the morning after, when friends and foes alike need to piece together the puzzle of the night before.

All screenings were followed up by intimate Q&A sessions, during which the assembled audience were able to field questions to the directors and actors themselves.

Meanwhile, our dedicated bar team, as tradition dictates, concocted a bespoke serve to mark the occasion – available across the two days.

Dubbed ‘Old Fashioned Romance’, the libation took the form of an old-school old fashioned but a dash of rose water was added to create a surprisingly smooth and fragrant twist.

It went down well with our guests, who ordered rocks glasses by the dozen to sip upon while they enjoyed the visual spectacles at hand.

Jan Hendrik Verstraten, the festival’s director, said of the event:

“It was a positive experience to have the festival at the TT cinema. Everybody was very friendly and helpful, and there was a good atmosphere.

It would be great if we can be back and use the cinema again in the future!”

It was great to have them to stay, and we really enjoyed watching the diverse array of talent doing their thing on our big screen. It was also fantastic to see the potential of our screening room put to good use in a festival setting.

Here’s to many more in future.


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