Press Watch: Types of Gin, FashionBeans


Our resident spirits enthusiast, Jake Rogers, has been talking all things gin recently and has been featured in a recent feature by FashionBeans.

He laid down his three favourite gins in the market, as well as commenting on what he looks for when selecting the perfect gins to stock and ‘cut through the noise’.

They write:

“Jake Rogers, a spirit expert at East London drinking parlour TT Liquor, is a big fan of Death’s Door, distilled in Washington Island, Wisconsin with its philosophy being less is more. 

Old Curiosity’s Apothecary Rose Gin for something a bit out there, and Cabby’s Gin too, made by a cab driver with a passion for distillation.”

types of gin london fashionbeans

Thanks for the write-up guys, happy to help fellow ginthusiasts find their perfect liquid.

FashionBeans is a men’s fashion website, featuring lifestyle, food and guides, as well as fashion-focussed pieces.


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