Plymouth Botanical Lab

28th April-onwards

Get those lab coats on, don those safety goggles, and prepare to embark on an interactive journey through the history and production of Plymouth Gin.

After a successful run of sessions last year, their Botanical Lab workshops are coming to TT Liquor, taking place on alternating Saturdays in our Shoreditch home for the next few weeks, starting on Saturday 28th April.

As you may already know, the country is in the midst of a “ginaissance” – with the number of UK-based gin distilleries doubling over the past 5 years. Indeed, you can now find the stuff in almost every bar and drinking emporium in the country – in anything from a classic G & T to the most innovative of cocktails.

Now is your chance to get hands-on and learn all there is to know about the country’s fastest growing spirit category during an interactive session led by your own knowledgable tutor, Annie.

Annie is Plymouth born and bred, growing up a mere stones throw from the distillery. She worked at Plymouth distillery for 5 years before becoming a brand ambassador in 2017 – so she certainly knows her gins from her genevers.

For these sessions, guests will be welcomed through the doors of our liquor store with a gin-based welcome cocktail before being taken upstairs to our fully-equipped botanicals lab, where they’ll be led through the maritime history of Plymouth Gin, and learn to nose and taste their award-winning gin like a pro.

Then, lab coats and goggles safely donned, attendees will get the chance to put their new-found knowledge to the test as Annie challenges you to make your very own gin, balancing the 7 classic botanicals that Plymouth Gin is world-famous for.

Finally, there’ll be a bit of healthy competition to round things off, with your gin creations being pitted against each other and evaluated by your host.

The winning concoction will win its owner a special prize at the end, but nobody will leave empty handed as all guests will be able to take their creation home with them at the session’s end.

There’ll be 2 sessions per day, – one at 2pm, one at 4pm – they run for 45 minutes to an hour, and tickets are available for £15 via the link below.



Arrival – Guests will be welcomed through the doors of our liquor store with a welcome cocktail before being led upstairs to our West Wing, which will be transformed for the occasion into a veritable botanicals lab – replete with beakers and test tubes.

The learning bit – Lab coats and goggles equipped, attendees will be guided through the fascinating history of Plymouth Gin, before getting the chance to nose and taste their classic award-winning liquid – learning about each of the botanicals and their distinctive flavour profiles.

The hands-on bit – At the session’s conclusion guests will be asked to put your new-found knowledge to the test as their tutor challenges them to make their very own gin, using the 7 classic botanicals that Plymouth Gin is world-famous for.

The competitive bit – Those with a competitive streak rejoice – guests’ unique gin strains will be pitted against each other and judged, and the owner of the winning gin will receive a special prize. Win or lose, all guests will be able to take their gin creations home with them to enjoy.

Afters – Afterwards, guests will be encouraged to explore the rest of our multi-faceted venue. Head downstairs into our clandestine Cellar Bar to sample our extensive menu and attempt to impress our bar team with your newly-acquired gin trivia. Reservations recommended, although not mandatory.

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£15 per person. Includes full access to the class. You can book in via our calendar:

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