Music at TT currently comes in two forms: intimate live sessions, featuring new performers every Wednesday down in our Cellar Bar, and resident DJs taking care of the soundtrack throughout the building the rest of the week.

Down In the Cellar Bar. 6pm-late.

Alexander Nutt from Eglo Records plays a DJ set down in TT Liquor's Cellar Bar

Live sessions are stripped-back soulful celebrations, featuring new performers every week down in our Cellar Bar. 

Expect an eclectic variety of genres, with music that has great integrity and music that is soulful. Percussion, wind, vocals, keys, harmony – we’ll aim to have a little bit of just about everything.

We will keep the area free from reservations, so seats are empty until they aren’t. However, our sound system will have you covered wherever you are in the bar so if you can’t see it, you’ll still hear it and that’s what matters.

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“Our music philosophy is a journey through disco, soul, boogie, funk, and everything in between; music that is soulful.” - Chris P Cuts, TT Liquor Head of Music Programming.

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  • Wednesday 13th October

    Kadija Kamara Live Set (7:30pm & 9pm)

  • Wednesday 20th October

    Live Hand Pan Showcase (7:30pm & 9pm).

  • Wednesday 27th October

    Kadija Kamara Live Set (7:30pm & 9pm)

Bobbito Garcia's Rock Rubber 45s London Premiere Review

Let us take you back to one of our favourite events from days gone by, and one of the main inspirations for our new music focus.

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