LMW 2019: Mezcal Masterclass w/ London Essence & Santiago Lastra

15th July

To kick off our week of mezcal-based celebrations in style, we’ll be teaming up with London Essence and a host of mezcal brands to hold a 2-hour 100% interactive masterclass.

At around 7pm, guests will be greeted down in the liquor store by their hosts for the evening, before making their way up to our brand new roof terrace, where our dedicated mixologists will prepare a bespoke welcome drink for you to sip on.

Shortly afterwards, you’ll be taken back downstairs to our West Wing space, where your learned instructor will teach you some of the fundamental techniques that go into cocktail making, and  introduce you to some of the liquids you’ll be working with on the day – including a range of mezcals, and hand-crafted London Essence mixers.

Attendees will then get the opportunity to get hands-on, using our professional-standard equipment and the ingredients at hand to make (and drink!) four different mezcal serves.

Each mezcal serve will be complimented by a small plate, cooked up by the fantastic Santiago Lastra – who’ll be making the journey all the way from Mexico especially for the occasion. Each plate has been designed to not only perfectly match the varied flavour profiles on display, but also to showcase the versatility of the agave spirit.

At the session’s end at 9:30pm, guests are welcome to head on down to our subterranean cocktail bar, The Cellar Bar, to continue their evening. Bookings recommended, although by no means mandatory.

Tickets are £40 per person and include a welcome drink, four bespoke mezcal cocktails, and small food pairings courtesy of Santiago Lastra.

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Mezcal Masterclass w/ London Essenca & Santiago Lastra

£40.00 (inc VAT)

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Reception Cocktail – Enjoy a complimentary welcome cocktail up on our brand new roof terrace at 7pm.

Introduction of Cocktail Class – At 7:30pm the class will begin down in our West Wing. After being introduced to your spirits and mixers, your expert tutor will guide you through the background of mezcal and teach some fundamental cocktail making techniques.

Make 4 Cocktails – Every guest will make four mezcal cocktails behind their own fully stocked and equipped cocktail making bar. Mocktail (non-alcoholic) versions of each cocktail are available for non-drinkers.

Food Pairings – After each cocktail is made, chef Santiago Lastra will serve out some classic Mexican small plates, designed to compliment the varied flavour profiles on show.

Afters – At the end of your session at 9:30pm, guests are welcome to continue their evening down in the Cellar Bar. Reservations recommended, although not mandatory.