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On Thursday, November 28th, we embarked on a very special guided tasting of the exalted and oh-so-elusive Pappy Van Winkle range.


As you bourbon aficionados are no doubt already aware, simply getting your hands on one expression of this much-celebrated dram is a challenge in and of itself – often requiring plucky whisky wanderers to scour the darkest reaches of the internet, and boldly traverse land and sea just to get their hands on the stuff.

We gave our guests an unparalleled once-in-a-lifetime chance to treat their tastebuds to five aged expressions of the fabled family – from the exuberant 10-year old, through the 12 year, 15 year, and 20 year varieties, all the way to the 23-year aged grandpappy itself – all in one place.

Over the course of the tasting, our resident drinks experts imparted pearls of wisdom on each liquid as they imbibed., providing tasting notes while also revealing some fascinating insights into the history of the brand, and how it came to produce some of the world’s finest bourbon, along the way.

There were two separate one-hour sittings that evening – one at 7:00pm and one at 8:30pm – of just fifteen lucky guests apiece, and we ensured that there was a fittingly intimate atmosphere for such a one-off occasion.

Don’t worry if you missed out this time around, plenty more bespoke tasting events on the horizon to look forwards to! We’ve also recently released our range of virtual tasting experiences, so you can get a taste of your favourite spirit along with our resident experts -all without leaving your front door.

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