All our cocktail making classes have been given a green twist recently with our introduction of eco-friendly vodka bags and boxes to the sessions.

TT Liquor

The environmental benefits of this new form of packaging over traditional bottles are manifold.

For one, less energy is used to produce the cardboard and oxygen-proof inner bag than with the production, melting down, and recycling of glass bottles.

Second, there’s the carbon emissions. According to Jackson-Triggs – a Canadian wine producer who are one of the trailblazers in the ‘bag ‘n’ box’ revolution – it takes 11 trucks to carry the same number of empty bottles as 1 track of flattened 3l SlimCasks to their winery. Therefore, this represents a huge 11-fold reduction in fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions – and that’s before it even makes it to the shelves!

At TT we’re responsibly-minded and know just how pressing environmental concerns are, so we’re delighted to be doing our bit.


While you’re here why not try your hand at some eco-friendly vodka-based mixology with one of our classes?

All our interactive cocktail making classes and molecular masterclasses focus on 100% involvement. Each guest gets the opportunity to make (and drink) their own selection of cocktails behind our custom-built cocktail bars.

Click on the link below for full information about the class and session availability, or alternatively call (infinity) and one of our team will be happy to talk you through what we can offer.