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Daniella Wizard

Daniella Wizard is a West London singer, songwriter, producer and saxophonist. Daniella first came onto the scene as a member of London Hip-Hop band The Age of L.U.N.A who supported the likes of Anderson Paak, DJ Premier and Public Enemy. She gave an intimate performance, debuting her new music at our TT Live Session.

TT Liquor

Daniella Wizard’s music is self-described as ‘a fantasy sound of true self and alter-ego collected against a collision of dreams and nightmares to create ‘The Wizard’ (creator of magic).’

Her collected ingredients create soundscape potions of love, war and what’s in between. With a culturally colourful background courtesy of her Bajan, Grenadian father and English, Dutch mother. Daniella grew up in a plethora of musical diversity.

Daniella Wizard’s TT Live Session was something else. The team managed to find enough seats for everyone and the atmosphere was buzzing as the room filled out. Daniella stepped up to the microphone, anticipation was high and she held the crowd with poise. The performance was delicate but commanding, showcasing new music for the first time.

Daniella’s a natural performer who’s one to watch and we’re very grateful to have hosted her at TT Liquor. We can’t wait to see Daniella flourish as an artist who’s bound to be performing at some huge venues and events real soon. Daniella Wizard, if you ever want to come back to our cellar bar we’ll be blessed to have you.

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