TT Cinema - Léon Cocktail: This Is For Mathilda


We sat down with one of our dedicated bar team, Jake, on a spare five minutes to talk about the complimentary Rebel Yell-based beverage that he designed recently.

It’ll be making the rounds for TT Cinema during Tuesday night’s screening of Léon: The Professional – keep an eye out.

What’s it called?

This Is For Mathilda.

What’s in it?

Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye | Crunchy Nut-Infused Milk | Maple Syrup | Spiced Chocolate Bitters.

What’s the concept behind it?

If you’ve watched the film you may have noticed that pretty much the only thing that our protagonist, Léon, seems to drink is milk. There’s never a moment where a carton of the stuff is far from his hands. So we thought we’d acknowledge this fact with a milk-based cocktail for the night.

And a pretty classic combination with milk is cereal, right? So we thought we’d do something a little bit unusual and make a Crunchy Nut-infused milk to go into it. Then we added the dryness of the rye from Rebel Yell’s Small Batch, which cuts through the sweetness of the milk and the maple syrup. Finally we topped it off with a little dash of spiced chocolate bitters to balance out the whole act. So there’s a couple of really sweet ingredients and there’s a couple of really dry ingredients, and they all come together to create a pretty delicious cocktail.


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