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Alcohol-free Rose & Pine Martini

By TT Liquor

We’ve designed this botanical alcohol-free martini for our spring menu to embody the essence of the countryside in bloom, in the hopes that we can offer a small piece of the great outdoors that we’ve all been missing so much recently. The name is hint at the floral and herbal, woodland flavours of the drink, and also to two of its ingredients; rosemary and pineapple.


Rosemary sprig (roughly 3cm)

45ml Seedlip Garden (one full shot, one 20ml)

20ml Elderflower Cordial

20ml Pineapple Juice

10ml Everleaf alcohol-free Vermouth

Rosemary sprig to garnish


Prep: 2 Minutes

Make: 30 Seconds

Total: 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds


185 calories


No common allergens to be found, although, since every body is different, we advise you check out this recipe's ingredients list just to be sure!


Serves 1


In a Boston glass, lightly muddle the rosemary.

Using a jigger to measure, add the seedlip, elderflower cordial, pineapple juice and alcohol-free vermouth.

Fill the glass with cubed ice and seal using the tin.

Shake for 10-15 seconds.

Use a Hawthorne strainer, carefully strain the drink into a Martini glass; keep the gap between the edge of the tin an the strainer as small as possible to ensure no rosemary goes in the drink.

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Serve and Enjoy!




Hawthorne strainer

Fine Strainer



The unique but balanced mix of botanical flavours in Seedlip Garden make the optimum base for this alcohol-free cocktail, Everleaf alcohol-free vermouth, gives a beautiful dryness that rounds out the Seedlip. Poured over muddled rosemary which brings an earthy undertone that offsets the floral notes of the elderflower cordial. Finally the addition of sweet, lightly tart pineapple juice brings this springtime martini together and a garnish of rosemary lends aroma as well as a playful stand-in for the drink’s titular pine.