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Rio Martini

By Stephen Thompson


50ml Cachaca

25ml Guava Juice

20ml Lime Juice

12.5ml Grenadine

Lime Wedge to Garnish


Prep: 2 Minutes

Make: 30 Seconds

Total: 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds


177 calories


No common allergens to be found, although, since every body is different, we advise you check out this recipe's ingredients list just to be sure!


Serves 1

This Mixology Events creation combines cachaça with lime juice, grenadine and guava juice to make a bright and beautiful tropical cocktail.


50ml Cachaca

25ml Guava Juice

20ml Lime Juice

12.5ml Grenadine

Lime Wedge to Garnish


Chill a martini glass/coupette in the freezer or fill it with ice.

Take your Boston glass or small tin and, using your jigger to measure, add the cachaca, guava juice and grenadine to the shaker.

Using your Mexican elbow and a jigger to measure, squeeze 20ml of lime juice and add it to the shaker.

Fill the shaker with cubed ice and seal using your Boston tin or lid, before shaking vigorously for 10-15 seconds or until your tin is very cold.

Remove your glass from the freezer or empty it of ice if necessary.

Using your Hawthorne strainer and your fine strainer, double strain your cocktail into your chilled martini glass or coupette.

Garnish with a lime wedge, sliced so it rests on the edge of the glass.

Serve and enjoy!


We asked our head bartender and events manager, Jake Rogers, to elaborate on this unique cachaca cocktail’s creation:

“This is one we came up with for a summer menu, a customer had tried cachaca on a trip to Brazil and wanted to include it in more than just a Caipirinha. This really is a great one for any cachaca lovers out there, the guava juice brings this zingy island flavour and a slightly creamy texture to the grassy notes of the cachaca. It’s a good one for anyone looking for something unusual as often people haven’t even tried cachaca before – so a great way to branch out and have a slightly more interesting cocktail menu, channeling those South American vibes.”

There’s not much controversy surrounding this recent addition to cocktail canon, as it was only created a couple of years ago by our bar team the scope for myths and legends to form around it has been fairly limited.