How to make ...

The Empress

By Stephen Thompson


25ml Vodka

25ml Elderflower Liqueur

25ml Lime Juice

25ml Lychee Juice

Tinned Lychee for garnish


Prep: 2 Minutes

Make: 30 Seconds

Total: 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds


96 calories


Contains sulphites.


Serves 1

The Empress is a refreshing spin on a classic Lychee Martini, combining equal parts vodka, and elderflower liqueur with lychee and lime juice.


25ml Vodka

25ml Elderflower Liqueur

25ml Lime Juice

25ml Lychee Juice

Tinned Lychee for garnish


Chill a martini glass/coupette in the freezer or fill it with ice.

Take your Boston glass or small tin and, using your jigger to measure, add the vodka, elderflower liqueur and lychee juice to the shaker.

Using your Mexican elbow and a jigger, squeeze 25ml of lime juice and add it to the shaker.

Fill your shaker with cubed ice and seal using your Boston tin or lid, before shaking vigorously for 10-15 seconds or until your tin is very cold.

Remove your glass from the freezer or empty it of ice if necessary.

Using your Hawthorne strainer and your fine strainer, double strain your cocktail into your chilled Martini glass or coupette.

Garnish with a tinned lychee, dropped in the cocktail.

Serve and enjoy!


Hawthorne Strainer
Fine Strainer
Mexican Elbow
Cubed Ice


This is another cocktail created by our head bartender, events manager and resident cocktail chemist, Jake Rogers, this simple but elegant mixture of vodka, floral elderflower, lightly fruity lychee make a zingy and botanical sour and the addition of a dry sparkling wine transforms this cocktail into a classy welcome drink, ideal for summery events like weddings and garden parties.

There is a wealth of folklore surrounding the elder tree, which gives us elderflowers and elderberries. In some myths the elder tree is said to ward off evil and give protection from witches, while other beliefs say that witches often congregate beneath the plant, especially when it is full of fruit.

If an elder tree was cut down, a spirit known as the elder mother would be released and take her revenge. The tree could only be safely cut while chanting a rhyme to the elder mother.