This Father’s Day we hosted a special afternoon beer tasting at TT Liquor, because what better way is there to celebrate it than sharing some of the world’s finest beers with your dad?

Beer has played an important role in the development of human society – in fact, without it modern civilisation may not even exist.

Father's Day-beer tasting-shoreditch-tt liquor

Our expert hosts started the beer tasting by guiding guests through the beverage’s long and rich history, whilst explaining the brewing process and how techniques have been refined and base ingredients tweaked to manipulate the flavours of the final beverages – the slightest change can have a profound effect.

Attendees were treated to a complimentary beer-based cocktail, before learning all about how beer has been a constant companion to human kind through the good times and the bad, and about some of the techniques used to make it.

Father's Day-beer tasting-shoreditch-tt liquor

Because nobody likes drinking on an empty stomach, the beers were served with a carefully curated cheese board and crusty French bread.

After drinking their way through the beer tasting, guests had the opportunity to choose their favourite and take a bottle home with them as a memento from the liquor store.

Interested in booking your own beer tasting through us? We offer them at our multi-faceted establishment all year round. Click on the link below, or alternatively call 02031 312 706 and one of our event organisers will run you through what we can offer.


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