Nyamming Supper Club

24th May

We are excited to be teaming up with Island Social Club at the end of the month to put on Nyamming Supper Club – the first in a series of deep investigations into the varied and multi-faceted world of Caribbean cuisine.

Island Social Club is a growing group of inspirational creatives dedicated to promoting Caribbean London culture, who specialise in putting on events that present a series of fine cuisines, spaces and stories to stimulate guests palates and widen their taste.

The ‘Funtunfunefu Denkyemfunefu’ is a West African symbol, showing two crocodiles linked by the stomach, their heads and mouths facing different directions. The beast shares a belly, but fights over food – it’s a symbol for the complexity of sharing experience in our society.

‘Nyamming’ (silent N) is Island Social Club’s response. This inclusive dining experience is designed to promote the idea that we share a belly, and investigate the balance between the need for food, the desire for taste, and the significance of food as a symbol of culture.

In aid of this, and complemented by immersive performance, together we will be collaborating with some of London’s most exciting young chefs to create an innovative 4-course menu, with 4 bespoke drinks pairings, that travel through Caribbean time.

Chef Lope Ariyo, author of Hibiscus and chef at London’s newest West African restaurant Ikoyi, and Chef Marie Mitchell, co-founder of Island Social Club and head chef of Pop’s Kitchen, are the talented duo behind the night’s menu – which is designed to take guests on a culinary journey from West Africa, to the Caribbean, to the streets of London.

As always, the liquid refreshments are our responsibility. Our team of expert mixologists will be curating four bespoke drinks pairings, one for each course, designed to highlight the diverse flavour profiles of each dish.

Please note this will be a communal dining experience.


Arrival – Guests will arrive through the doors of our liquor store around 7pm, where they will be presented with a welcome drink by their hosts for the evening.

Performance – At 7:30pm there will be a 15-minute performance in our newly-built cinema room, which will introduce attendees to some of the themes of the night.

Food – Guests will then be led upstairs to our West Wing dining space, where they will enjoy a 4-course banquet exploring cuisines hailing from West Africa to the Caribbean. Each dish will be announced with a different performer, with a focus on sharing foods.

Drink – Our expert mixologists will be mixing 4 bespoke drinks pairings for the banquet, with each beverage designed to compliment the varied flavour profiles of each course.

Afters – As the banquet comes to its conclusion at around 10pm, attendees will be invited downstairs into our Cellar Bar where they can sample our extensive bar menu, drink, and digest the sights and sensations of the evening. Reservations recommended but not mandatory.

Call 02031 313 490 or contact form


£45 per person. Includes: full entry, 4 courses, 4 performances, and 4 bespoke drinks pairings.

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