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Virtual Cocktail Classes

 Inspired by the lockdown era, we believe our virtual cocktail classes provide the trademark 100% interactivity expected from a TT Liquor masterclass, as well as providing an environment in which to be sociable despite the current distance between us all.

These classes will follow a similar structure to our award-winning physical ones, which we’ve been delivering for over a decade with our sister company, Mixology Events. Your experienced host will begin by outlining some core techniques, before leading you through a number of cocktail creations – giving and receiving feedback as they go. All this will be rounded off with a virtual cocktail making competition, ensuring the experience is as interconnected as possible.

We deliver all the equipment and ingredients in boxes directly to your door, anywhere in the world via UPS international shipping. All you need to provide is the ice.


  • 100% Hands-on Cocktail Making Class

  • Any time you wish, 7 days a week

  • Learn to make cocktails without leaving your front door

  • Award-winning, fun & informative

  • For groups of any size

  • We ship internationally via UPS
  • Our recommended class runs for two hours

  • Every guest will make (and drink) 5 cocktails behind their own bar


Booking Process

To get things started, first decide if you want to join a public session or – if there are six or more of you – set up a private class of your own. Choose from our range of different menu and cocktail varieties to tailor your experience to best suit your tastes.

Delivery and Prep

All the equipment and ingredients required are delivered straight to your door a few days prior. The pack also includes guidance on how to set up your bar station and how to make your own ice at home, which you’ll ideally need to do in advance.

Length and Invite

On the day of your booking, we’ll send out a meeting invitation which will include a ‘waiting room’. Once everybody has logged in, your host will kick things off.

Each of our classes last roughly 30mins – 2 hours depending on the option you have chosen.


Your virtual host will go around the group to ensure you’re all set up, before introducing some of the key concepts behind cocktail makingPour your pre-batched reception cocktail into a glass with ice to enjoy during the introduction.

Make a Variety of Cocktails

Once everybody has set themselves up, your host will take you through each drink one by one whilst guests attempt to recreate them as closely as possible before drinking. In between each cocktail, your host will go around each participant to get feedback on how their creation went. We have options to make two, three, or even four cocktails. 


To round things off, each bar will then be pitted against the rest and given 8 minutes to produce their very own cocktail creation, using the ‘mystery ingredients’ we include in your pack as well as any garnish you can find around your house.

The items you will need from the kitchen are a small knife and a small or medium size chopping board. These are only the ideal sizes – if you only have a meat cleaver and a tree trunk they will still do the trick.

*Please note, non-alcoholic options are available for each cocktail. Nobody gets left out.


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The first step is choosing which class type suits you, or your group, the most.


Our selection of public scheduled classes are held every Friday from 7pm and are great for groups of five or less. You’ll be joining a group of like-minded people from all around the world, with no more than 25 of you online at any one time, ensuring everyone can get a word in edgewise. Gift vouchers for these are also available, redeemable on any session over the next 12 months.


We also offer our private virtual classes to groups of six or more. These allow for a much greater degree of customisation in terms of drink & menu selection, and flexibility in terms of dates and timings. Get in touch with one of our team if you’d like to take us on privately, and they can talk you through your options.



Next, it’s our turn. Once you’ve made your booking with us – whether you’re attending a public or private class – we’ll get to work on putting together your boxes and getting them to you, wherever in the world you may be.

A few days before your chosen date, you’ll receive your box containing all the equipment and ingredients you’ll need for your upcoming class. So far, we’ve shipped our boxes all over the country as well as abroad so if you’re not currently in the UK please don’t be put off.



As well as the equipment and specialist ingredients, your box will contain a number of documents which will outline what you need to do on your end in preparation for your class.

This will include how to set up your equipment beforehand, how to join your session, what extra bits and pieces of simple equipment you’ll need, and how to make your own ice in advance at home.



Once you’ve prepared everything on your end, all that’s left to do is wait for your virtual invitation from us which you should receive via the email you used upon booking.

You’ll be allowed into a ‘waiting room’, and once everyone is present your class will begin. Your experienced host will kick things off with an introduction while you enjoy your welcome cocktail. Guests will then be led through a number of serves, with time set aside after each drink for feedback.

Finally, to indulge our competitive sides, the class will conclude with a competition. Each participant (or group of participants) will face off against the rest to produce the best cocktail using the mystery ingredient in their box. After 8 minutes, your host will ask for the contents, name, and story behind your creation and decide the winner.

Inside your box, you’ll find all the tools, guidance and ingredients required:

  • Cocktail Shaker: One of the most important tools in any bartender’s armoury, your cocktail shaker is a crucial component in the creation of many iconic cocktails. You’ll receive a Boston-style stainless steel shaker as standard.
  • Bar Spoon: Inside your box, you’ll also receive a long, flat-ended steel bar spoon – sometimes known as Mazagran spoons – as standard. Crucial in terms of stirring down classic drinks like Negronis and Old Fashioneds.
  • Jigger/Measure: A really useful little tool, which is key to getting your drinks ratios bang-on. You’ll receive a classic multi-measure jigger in your All In One Box.
  • Strainers: Inside your box, you’ll also find two strainers – a fine strainer and Hawthorne strainer. Your Hawthorne strainer is used to separate large blocks of ice from your drink when pouring, whilst the fine strainer is used to pick up smaller pieces of ice and debris.
  • Muddler: This is essentially a device used to mash and mix up ingredients. Think mint in a Mojito.
  • Ingredients: All the high-quality ingredients, including premium spirits, liqueurs, juices, and fresh fruit, are sent out from our specialist liquor store straight to your door.
  • Guidance: Finally, your box will also contain some in-depth guidance documents, designed to help you get everything ready beforehand.


We deliver all the equipment you’ll need straight to your door, wherever you are in the world. 

These boxes contain all the essential tools you’ll find in every good bartender’s armoury – including a stainless steel cocktail shaker, strainer, bar spoon, muddler and jigger/measure. All you’ll need to provide is a knife and a cutting board.


As well as equipment, we dispatch all the required ingredients from our specialist liquor store, including the premium spirits, mixers, and fresh fruit.

We also conceal a special mystery ingredient inside every box, which – to stand any chance of winning – you’ll need to incorporate into your competition cocktail at the session’s end.


All this is delivered straight to your door in the days leading up to your class, wherever in the world you may be.

We deliver each box to each class participant individually via UPS international shipping, and each pack also contains extra bits and pieces of guidance and other goodies to welcome you and help get you started.

Call 020 7183 9503 or use our contact form


This box is great for smaller groups or those who are trying us out for the very first time.

With options available starting from £60 per head, the box includes a cocktail kit, containing all the equipment in every good bartender’s armoury, a pack of high-quality ingredients, and a subscription to one masterclass


We’ll do our best to fit down your chimneys but – failing that – we’ll deliver everything you’ll ever need to make merry directly to your front door via our Christmas virtual cocktail classes.

Work your way through a cocktail menu inspired by the season whilst indulging in some classic festive tomfoolery in between.


We’ve designed our classes to be as all-inclusive as possible, but there are some things – like ice – that are a little trickier to transport long distances.

Not to worry, though, because you can learn how to make bar-quality ice from the comfort of your own home thanks to our (almost) comprehensive guide to ice.

Happy New Year! Please enquire below for all virtual, physical and in-house events for 2021 and beyond.

"Was super impressed with the kit that arrived.."

“Did one of the virtual cocktail experiences last weekend for a lockdown birthday! It was brilliant! Was super impressed with the kit that arrived- you got absolutely everything you’d need from shaker to juices to lots of alcohol! We made around 4-5 cocktails (I can’t actually remember which is a good sign hah!) Will be making them again at home!” – Matthew Elliot.

"Lovely personal touch.."

“I am really impressed with it, first impressions are excellent. I am very pleased to see the limited use of plastic and think the small glass bottles with handwritten labels give it a lovely personal touch.” – James Gould.

"A brilliant night.."

“A group of us did the cocktail making masterclass with Natalie and had a brilliant time!” – Nick Verdi, Local Guide.

"A brilliant night.."

“A group of us did the cocktail making masterclass with Natalie and had a brilliant time!” – Nick Verdi, Local Guide.

"Plenty of booze for your money.."

“Plenty of booze for your money. I have forgotten all the cocktails already but they send you all the instructions afterwards!” – Jonathan Burgess, Local Guide.


“Brilliant cocktail class – lovely people, chatty and knowledgeable teacher and delicious cocktails :-)” – Susanna Spiers, Google Review.

"Cocktails were absolutely delightful.."

“The team at TT were fantastic! From setting up the event and delivering the products a few days in advance to our mixologist showing us how to make the cocktails. Great experience and would love to do this again, maybe next time in person!” – Ciara McCullough, Google Review.

"My wife and I learned some serious cocktail party skills!"

“The cocktail masterclass was a lot of fun, my wife and I learned some serious cocktail party skills! 🙂 Thanks, guys!” – Johnathan Grayson, Google Review.

"Amazing cocktail making experience"

“Amazing cocktail making experience.” – Kathryn Beatty, Google Review.


What do I need to provide for a virtual class?

All you need to provide is ice, a knife and chopping board, and something to drink out of. We deliver everything else – all the ingredients, liquor, and specialist equipment required – straight to your door in the days leading up to your booking.

What happens if my delivery goes wrong?

No problem at all. These things happen. If you have an issue with your delivery simply give us a call on the number provided, or drop us an email at and we’ll send you a replacement box via express delivery.

I have a group of over 25 people. What would you recommend we do?

This is really down to you, there is no limit to our group sizes. However, to maximise the interactivity of your experience and communication between you and the host, we generally suggest groups of no more than 25 at a time. So, you can either split yourselves into two separate sessions, or all pile into one if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of interactivity.

I've ordered my box. When should I expect it to arrive?

Your box should be with you around three days before your chosen date. If you haven’t received your box by this time, please get in touch and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

What platform do you use to conduct the class?

We use Zoom as standard to conduct our classes, although we are entirely flexible on this. If you need any pointers on how to work it, or would prefer to use another platform, simply let one of our team know via email or over the phone and we’ll happily talk you through it.

How much is shipping?

Shipping fees are included in the stated price for all UK-based purchases. Please note that international shipments may vary – please feel free to give us a call before you book just to confirm!

Where do you recommend we set ourselves up?

This is down to you, wherever in your house you feel most comfortable. However bear in mind you’ll need a hard surface as well as plenty of space for equipment and ingredients, so we strongly recommend your kitchen table or counter.


Call 020 7183 9503 or use our contact form


Our scheduled public sessions are the perfect choice for small groups of up to 5 guests and are held every other Friday from 6:30pm.

Simply select the date which suits you best from our dropdown menu, enter your details, and sit back and wait for all the equipment and ingredients to come to you.


Any time, anywhere, for groups of any size, we pride ourselves on offering 100% interactivity through our private virtual cocktail masterclasses.

Perfect for larger groups of six or more, these theoretically have unlimited capacity. However, we do recommend that you keep your group size to no more than 25 guests in order to maximise feedback and interaction and communication with your host and with one another. 


Purchasing for somebody else and aren’t sure when they’ll want to join us? Our gift vouchers are the ideal option. 

You’ll receive a beautifully presented voucher in the post, which is redeemable on your virtual class – or any TT Liquor physical experience over the next 12 months if they’d prefer to visit us in person. There’s also the option of digitally-downloadable PDF vouchers if you running short on time!


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Twisted Classics:

One for all you retro fans out there, and probably our favourite class to teach. The twisted classics class deals with some of the quintessential drinks of bartending history, and updates them for the 21st century using modern techniques and ingredients. 

Includes a complimentary welcome drink, as well as a French Martini, and two more twists on classic drinks that helped define modern bartending.

*Please bear in mind non-alcoholic and low-ABV options are available for all the above. Nobody gets left out.



Let your hair down as we work our way through the extensive cocktail repertoire of legendary bartender Donn Beach during our virtual tiki class.

As well as a welcome drink, you’ll work your way through three classics of the Tiki category.

*Please bear in mind non-alcoholic and low-ABV options are available for all the above. Nobody gets left out.



Get to grips with all things juniper on our classic gin-based virtual cocktail class. 

Enjoy a gin-based reception cocktail before you work your way through three iconic gin cocktails – including the Breakfast Martini amongst other iconic gin-based serves.

*Please bear in mind non-alcoholic and low-ABV options are available for all the above. Nobody gets left out.


Seasonal Series:

An evolving series of one-off immersive masterclasses designed for those who have been to one of our regular sessions before, or are seeking a virtual cocktail class with a bit of a twist.

Each of these new sessions is inspired by a certain theme, from the twisting and sometimes-illicit history of gin, to CBD-infused spirits, and even low-and-no ABV wellness sessions designed to show that bartending is about far more than alcohol.


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