The Cellar Bar: What's On?


The Cellar Bar will be kicking off 2020 by dropping our fourth refreshed cocktail menu, this centred around the theme of genius. 

Each drink has been specifically designed as a homage to some of the greatest inventors, writers, musicians, artists, and general outside-the-box thinkers, who blazed a trail in their respective trades and left an enduring mark on the world around us – from Marvin Gaye to Madame Cliquot, Jean-Michel Basquiat to Grand Master Flash.

Our big launch party is taking place on Thursday 23rd January, but we’ve prepared a whole series of genius-themed events for you to look forwards to over the next few weeks. Scroll on for the low-down..


January 23rd – Plymouth Gin Distillery Tasting:

First up will be our very own resident gin-thusiast, Jake Rogers who, through a guided Plymouth Gin tasting, will seek to prove that a large part of genius is the ability not only to create, but to stay ahead of the curve..

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January 30th – Yellowstone Bourbon Distillery Tasting:

These guys were responsible for spark of inspiration which married chemistry and history together, and left us all with some beautiful bourbon to enjoy for years to come. If that isn’t genius, we’re not entirely sure what is..

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February 6th – Diplomatico Rum Distillery Tasting:

Much-maligned in the past, rum developed a reputation of being a harsh mistress more suited to punchbowls than tasting glasses. Join us and Steven Carr to learn how the guys at Diplomatico changed this perception with no small measure of ingenuity.

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February 13th – Genius Distillery Tasting:

Our Cellar Bar has produced a brand new cocktail list for 2020, all centring around the theme of genius, so in aid of this we’re holding a series of tastings shining a spotlight on some of the most ingenious and innovative distillers and producers in the industry. Tickets and further details to follow..

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