CITC: Cocktail Class Tasters - The Present Day


We held a series of special cocktail making classes at One Marylebone, as part of Cocktails in the City London – a 3-day celebration of all things cocktail-related.

Guests were given the chance to recreate three iconic cocktails representing three very distinctive eras in the history of mixology – the roaring 20s, the flamboyant 80s, all the way up to the innovative present-day.

In today’s bar culture, we are always striving to become more aware of our effect on the environment as humanity’s effect impact upon are planet becomes more visible over time. Think zero waste bars, re-usable straws and compostable cocktail shakers…. well, maybe not that last one.

At T.T. we’re also very keen to do our bit, so in conjunction with FAIR. – the world’s most ethical spirits company – we bring you the “D.I.Y Ethical Fizz”, changing the world one sip at a time.

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FAIR. believe in treating all people fairly. They work closely with the Fair Trade organisation and respect over 200 rules to make sure that farmers are paid at a fair price, contributing to alleviating poverty across the world in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Their vision has taken them around the globe, sourcing the best ingredients for their high quality spirits.

Their ethos – that all people involved in every stage of the process should be treated equally for the good of the planet as a whole – really rang true with us, and is why we’re more than happy to work alongside them on the “DIY Ethical Fizz”.

To create this drink, we start by mixing 50ml of FAIR Gin or FAIR Quinoa Vodka, 25ml Lemon Juice and 12.5ml of Simple Syrup and shaking them all together. Grab a highball glass and strain the liquid into it.

Meanwhile, guests were encouraged to create their own fruit soda using fresh fruit of their choice, CO2 and a soda siphon – but you can get the same effect with fruit juice and soda water (or a soda stream if you’re feeling technological).

After this, fill the rest of the highball glass to near the top with crushed ice and top with your homemade soda. Garnish the drink with an environmentally-conscious biodegradable paper straw.

Finally, drink and enjoy – safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your small bit to save the planet one sip at a time.


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