Press Watch: Best Sipping Rums, Robb Report


Our resident liquor expert, Jake Rogers, has been in the press again recently – this time outlining the best sipping rums for a feature in Robb Report.

The piece, entitled ‘Beets Surrender’ deals with the rise in popularity of rum and some of the rising stars to look out for in particular.

Bringing in Jake, they write:

“Bars are catching on to rum’s burgeoning status, including TT Liquor in East London. ‘At the moment I’m very excited by Union 55” says events manager Jake Rogers. “It’s a relative newcomer to the market, and it was actually created by a good friend of the company – Ruben Maduro – out in Amsterdam’.”


The Robb report is a leading luxury lifestyle magazine catering to a global audience with a shared appreciation for quality and luxury.

We’re over the moon that we made the cut – it’s nice to be considered ‘luxurious’ every now and again, eh? Thanks for the write up guys, come back and say hi soon!


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