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We again collaborated with JUMA Kitchen throughout London Food Month, after his success at providing the food at our grand opening party back in February, to create a unique drinking and dining experience every Friday here at TT Liquor in Shoreditch. 

Guests were greeted with a drink and a canapé of kubba haleb (rice croquette) before being guided upstairs to our first floor dining area in the West Wing.


Seated around a veritable banquet table, diners enjoyed authentic Iraqi dishes such as dijaj bilmynarinj (crispy chicken with saffron and orange) and bubba hamuth (handmade lamb dumpling). Each course was served by the master of ceremonies himself, chef Philip Juma, who carefully explained the rich cultural stories behind each dish.

His bold flavours were combined with our fresh and exciting liquors to compliment the unique flavour combinations on offer, with our expert bar staff putting on a show by creating and serving bespoke cocktails to bring the very best out of the dishes.


Philip argued that serving the food with cocktails was a way of elevating the flavours as well as “changing people’s perceptions”

“In many people’s eyes, Iraq is predominantly a Muslim country and a lot of people won’t drink alcohol. But we are in London where a lot of people do drink and they want to experience not only Iraqi food but the combination of my dishes with the drinks,” he said.

Attendees left the event with their appetites – be that for food, cultural education or the widening of their own perceptions – well and truly satisfied, and we hope to welcome Phillip back for round 2 in the very near future.



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